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Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) is one of the most globally validated, recognized and recommended models of treatment for mental health and health disorders. Targeting neuropathway changes in the brain, CBT has been shown in thousands of studies to significantly improve mental health and health issues like mood disorders, PTSD, public health such as obesity and smoking cessation, and subclinical such as perfectionism and shame. CBT provides concrete techniques and interventions to help people change their thoughts, behaviours and lives. In Canada, federal and provincial attention is now being placed on providing CBT as the best practice intervention for structured psychotherapy programs.

Our CBT program is comprised of a variety of learning options that will help you stay current in your CBT knowledge and provide you with opportunities to apply your knowledge and skills in your practice.

CBT Certificate

Our innovative CBT certificate will give you the skills, confidence and knowledge to bring this therapeutic model to your work, and empower you to help others transform their lives. You must complete a Level I course and a Level II course to receive the certificate.

Level I

  • Fundamentals of CBT
  • Sacred Circle CBT
  • CBT for Educators
  • CBT for Chronic Illness

Level II

  • CBT for Anxiety Disorders and Depression
  • Essentials of CBT with Children and Youth
  • CBT for Trauma
  • CBT for Addictions
  • CBT for Women’s Reproductive Mental Health

We offer a 50% discount on additional CBT certificate courses. Upon completion of the Laurier CBT certificate (both Level I and Level II), you are eligible to take other Level I and Level II courses at a 50% discount. Email to request a discount code.

See the CBT certificate page for course descriptions, upcoming dates and registration.

CBT Masterclass in Supervision

The need for high quality CBT and CBT supervision is increasing. With its unique integration of relevant practical, theoretical and philosophical topics, this unique masterclass will help you develop your supervisory practice and meet societal needs. The class will challenge you to enrich and enliven your practice through lectures, readings, small group discussion, self-practice/self-reflection and active learning.

The masterclass also includes the rare opportunity for you to receive supervision of your supervision! Following the completion of the lectures you will participate in small group consultations led by the course facilitator. These consultations will allow you to truly integrate, synthesize and bring your learning to life.

All CBT masterclass instructors meet supervision qualifications as set out by the OCSWSSW and CRPO and are certified with the Academy of Cognitive Therapy and/or Canadian Association of CBT.

CBT Boot Camps

Whether you’re looking to hone your CBT skills or for an introduction to what CBT can offer you as a skill set, we’ve created a series of CBT Boot Camps to meet your needs. Some foundational CBT knowledge is required as these boot camps will not provide an overview of the basics of CBT.

The 2021/22 CBT Boot Camps are:

  • CBT for Psychosis
  • Advanced CBT for Depression
  • CBT for Anxiety (GAD, OCD, Panic Disorders)
  • CBT for Insomnia
  • Introduction to Sacred Circle CBT
  • CBT for Couples

CBT Lunch and Learns

Hot topics in mental health are constantly emerging and evolving. Staying current in your knowledge and contributing to community conversations and support is critical to professional and personal development. Each year from September to June we will offer CBT Lunch and Learns. These 60 minute sessions will include a 45 minute presentation on a current trend, topic or issue in mental health followed by a 15 minute Q&A session.

See the CBT lunch and learn page for descriptions, upcoming dates and registration.


Partnership with Qualia Counselling Services

Our CBT program is offered in partnership with Qualia Counselling Services, a cognitive behaviour therapy clinic with offices in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Brantford and Six Nations of the Grand River. Led by Thomas Brown and Charity Fleming, Qualia provides psychotherapy, supervision, coaching and training through core values of professional excellence, strength of character, authentic community, alleviation of suffering and anti-oppressive professional practice. Our CBT instructors are all clinical supervisors, consultants and psychotherapists working at Qualia.