Strategic Academic Plan: Transformative Education. Real Impact.


The Plan

Aligning and integrating with other institutional and unit-level plans, including the Laurier Strategy, Strategic Research Plan, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan, Indigenous Strategic Plan and Digital Strategy, the Strategic Academic Plan outlines a multifaceted approach to enhancing teaching, research and community engagement, positioning Laurier at the forefront of transformative education.

This plan reflects Laurier’s commitment to addressing the evolving needs of a comprehensive multi-campus university community, which is encapsulated in its three goals: advancing transformative education; thriving comprehensive university; and integrating communities into a vibrant whole.

Lazaridis lecture hall

Goal 1: Advancing Transformative Education

1.1 Laurier will provide academic programming that offers students a transformative education and prepares them to thrive.

1.2 Laurier will offer academic programming that meets the needs of a diverse student body through a variety of pedagogically informed modes of teaching and program delivery.

1.3 Laurier will attract and admit students who have the potential to succeed at Laurier but who may not have the traditional high school markers associated with university-level success.

1.4 Laurier will proactively support students in achieving academic success while maintaining high academic standards.

1.5 Laurier will purposefully expand existing efforts to decolonize the curriculum.

Carnegie Building

Goal 2: Thriving Comprehensive University

2.1 Laurier will recognize, value and support the contributions and impact of the diverse talent, experiences and endeavours of our campus communities in each of the interrelated elements of a comprehensive university: research, teaching and service.

2.2 Laurier will strategically grow the diversity and capacity of our professional and research-based graduate programs.

2.3 Laurier will foster an appreciation and passion for research in our undergraduate students.

Alumni Field

Goal 3: Communities Integrated into a Vibrant Whole

3.1 Laurier will continue to develop and mature as a vibrant, multicampus institution.

3.2 Laurier will foster interdisciplinarity across programs, departments, faculties and campuses.

3.3 Laurier will continue to foster relationships with our external communities, including fellow postsecondary institutions, Indigenous nations, alumni, community partners and employers.