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Thank you for your interest in the Arts Global Experience. All international engagements are on hold for 2021 and decisions for subsequent years are pending based on Canada Health Advisory advice. We will post updates as new information becomes available.

What is the Arts Global Experience?

The Arts Global Experience (AGX) builds on our department’s long experience building bridges between academic and experiential learning through student placements around the world. The AGX is open to students across the Faculty of Arts, and offers the opportunity to live, work and study in different cultural contexts alongside community partners. The experiences you will have while on placement set the stage for learning about yourself in relation to others, and broaden your awareness of the challenges of global justice and social equity.

In recent years, Global Studies students have lived, learned and contributed to local development and peace building initiatives in a diverse range of cultural contexts, including placements in Ghana, South Africa, China, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vanuatu, Guatemala, Fiji, Thailand, Italy, Cambodia, Denmark, Peru, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Portugal and Zimbabwe.

What Does the AGX Involve?

In the winter semester of your second or third year, you'll take GS391: Global Experience Pre-Placement, a course that helps you think critically about the possibilities and limitations of fieldwork in the context of the AGX. In the summer (May to August), you'll conduct a placement for a minimum of four weeks with a non-governmental or community-based organization. Students usually choose placements outside Canada, but in-Canada placements are a possibility in certain cases.

While on placement, you will take either GS392: Global Experience Placement or GS393: Global Experience Extended Placement (depending on the length of your placement). With faculty supervision, these online courses take students through a guided process of reflection on their placement experiences, supporting the achievement of personal and academic learning outcomes.

Upon your return in the fall, you'll take GS394: Global Experience Post-Placement. This course works within a social justice framework to help you make sense of, and build upon, your international experiences. You will engage with your peers and your broader community to share what you have learned.

When Do I Apply?

We accept applications in the fall term. To apply for the AGX and to enrol in GS391, you must complete at least 2.0 credits at the 200 level, attain at least a 7.0 (B-) average in your major(s), and receive the approval of the AGX coordinator.

How Much Does the AGX Cost?

The cost of the AGX varies depending on where you decide to go, for how long, and whether the organization you work with charges fees. There is a range of different experiences for different budgets. The average cost of a trip in recent years is $3,000. We seek ongoing partnerships with organizations that can provide affordable and meaningful placements for our students.

In GS391, you will develop and implement a fundraising plan. Global Studies majors may also receive funds from the Global Studies Education Abroad Fund, and for other students there is funding available through Laurier International.

"Engaging in material that piqued my interest, getting to know professors and TAs, and volunteering locally / travelling abroad is what made my studies real, humbling, and applicable."

– Carolyn Gray (BA ’12)

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