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Each year the Faculty of Music hosts many guest artists from all over the world to educate, equip and inspire our students. Each guest is renowned in their field and brings an insight and perspective that challenges and shapes our students for their careers ahead.

Past Workshops


  • Adam Bowman, Community Music
  • Babette Lightner, Community Music
  • Cara Loft, Indigenous Dance
  • Cheryl Duvall, Piano
  • Jennifer Brimson Cooper, Flute
  • Joni NehRita, Community Music
  • KUNE Orchestra, Community Music
  • Mark Fewer, Violin
  • NAIL Improv, Composition
  • Robert Miller, Euphonium
  • Sandra Horst, Opera
  • Sarah Thawer, Percussion
  • Stephan Hough, Piano
  • William Herzog, Violin


  • Aaron Vanderweele, Euphonium
  • Bénédicte Lauzière, Violin
  • Benjamin Sung, Violin
  • Charles-Richard Hamelin, Piano
  • David Rose, Viola
  • Diane Doig, French Horn
  • James Campbell, Clarinet & Chamber Music
  • John Rudolph, Percussion
  • Karen Burke, Community Music
  • Leopoldo Erice, Piano
  • Mark Duggan, Community Music
  • Min Koh, Violin
  • Paul Pulford, Cello
  • TorQ Percussion Quartet, Percussion
  • Tribal Vision, Community Music
  • Ulrike Anton, Flute
  • Victor Nani Agbeli, Community Music


  • Alexander DaCosta, Violin
  • Annalee Patipatanakoon, Violin
  • Celia Linde, Guitar
  • Christopher Gongos, French Horn
  • Douglas Finch, Piano
  • Elinor Frey, Cello
  • Eric Probst, Tuba
  • Erik Mandawe, Music Therapy
  • Georgia Simms, Community Music
  • John Rudolph, Percussion
  • Kristina Szabo, Voice
  • Russell Braun, Voice
  • Spy Denomme-Welch, Piano