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By the end of this decade, more people will live in cities and towns than at any other point in human civilization. The global growth of cities brings exciting prospects, but also particular challenges. Our future leaders will need an appreciation of these complex changes, and the ability to create innovative solutions. 

The Laurier-City Hub is an initiative that allows you to take part in social change and shape policy innovations through Laurier's partnerships with the Cities or Municipalities. Currently, through a unique and strategic partnership between Laurier's Department of Global Studies and the City of Waterloo, the Laurier-City Hub combines the experience of our community partners, the expertise of our municipal professionals, Laurier's experts and researchers and the acumen and enthusiams of our students. Together, they create multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder solutions to local challenges in Waterloo.

Through the Hub's GS/SE364 course, Social Innovation in the City, you will research, design and test real-world social and policy innocations, enhancing your resume with research, analysis and consultation skills. In the process, you will gain hands-on experience and a unique perspective on the people and professionals who live and work in this vibrant place. Laurier-City Hub's courses may be counted towards the Social Entrepreneurship Option.